Grainne KeaneAbout Grainne

I am a mum of four living in the Dun Laoghaire area. Having worked in the corporate sector for most of my career I got the opportunity to move on from my day job and pursue my passion – fitness & exercise. I am very familiar with the challenges of being a busy mum and trying to fit in exercise, as well as the physical changes pregnancy and getting that bit older can bring!

My Philosophy

Enjoy it, don’t endure it!
If you can get to like exercise, then you will keep doing it and that will benefit you forever, both body & mind. You don’t have to become an athlete, just find a type of exercise that suits you and get to a stage where it becomes something that makes you feel good, then you will be more likely to make it part of your life.


Gráinne Keane is a Qualified fitness instructor, NCEF University of Limerick and a member of Fitness Professionals Ireland.

Whats So Good About Exercise

Self Esteem

There is no better confidence boost than achieving something you thought was impossible. Many of my running clients started out having never run before and feeling daunted by the challenge. After 2-3 months of running with me they have crossed the finish line of a 5km race with a smile from ear to ear, bursting with pride! There is nothing quite like it.

Stress Busting

Being able to meet friends and do some exercise is a great way to reduce stress levels, get time for yourself and achieve a fitter healthier body to boot!

Weight Management

Exercise can support weight loss when done regularly and consistently. Cardio exercises (e.g. running and cycling), weight bearing exercise and a good nutritional plan are critical to securing a weight loss result!

Body Shape

Exercise will have a positive impact on body shape as weight is lost and muscles are strengthened. Doing weight bearing exercises will increase muscle mass and can create a toned body over time.

Bone Density

With age bone density decreases (particularly in women post menopause) which makes bones more fragile and prone to fractures later in life. Weight bearing exercise can help to slow this process significantly and maintain strong healthy bones for longer.

Muscle Mass

As muscles age they can reduce in strength, size and their ability to burn calories, thereby impacting metabolism and making weight management more difficult. This can be combated by introducing weight-bearing exercises into a regular exercise plan.


Exercise can elevate how our body burns calories (i.e. our metabolic rate). As our metabolic rate reduces by 2% a decade exercise is even more important as we age.


Exercise creates better circulation, strengthens heart rate and has a positive effect on blood pressure all of which create improved cardio vascular health.


Joint and muscle flexibility is critical to fitness. Flexibility exercises will improve mobility, posture, performance and reduces likelihood or back injury.

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