Beginners Running


Often people start running, hate it and wonder how anyone could ever like it! This is usually because they have run too fast or gone too far, ending up breathless and exhausted! As a beginner runner, the body & the mind must be eased into running which is why a slow and steady approach is most effective. This group will suit those who have never run (or think they can’t!) and those that can run for a few kilometers but want to make it to the 5km mark.

Beginners Group

We start at a very gradual pace and build slowly each week. The focus of this group is to learn to run at a pace that you can sustain i.e. running within your comfort zone! This means that you can run without getting out of breath, injuring yourself or feeling like you are going to collapse! Once you start to run this way, you will begin to like it and it may even become addictive! The programme runs for 10-weeks and members will be able to run for 30mins non-stop on completion. Members are given a weekly programme to help them progress in between the weekly running session and will participate in a local race/ParkRun at the end of the programme.

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